It Started With Love.

“As cheesy as it sounds, Lingo was founded in love. It all began with a blind date, an unexpected successful matchmaking by both our co-workers. Our journey then led to planning our future together, with the desire to build a concept using our skills and passion.

Having both worked for industry leaders for over 10 years, we decided to combine our expertise to create Lingo, a hybrid translation and brand consulting agency. We wanted to support the growth of businesses of all sizes, offering specialized creative services and quality work they can trust. Our services are made to help others connect to different communities and cultures, to be relatable and understood.

We do everything from the heart, invested in every project like it’s our own. Lingo is a beautifully unexpected venture, and we are so grateful for every opportunity we have received. We hope your experience with us is as perfect as we strive for it to be.”

Message From Co-Founders
Karam & Salam

About Karam

Karam is an expert in the fields of language, copywriting, and translation. He specializes in Arabic translations and quality assurance practices. He is experienced in a variety of industries from luxury fashion and lifestyle to corporate, media and more. Karam brings a unique perspective to his work, being truly passionate about providing translations that are both meaningful and precise. His attention to detail always delivers quality work, dedicated to maintaining excellence across his team of linguists. Whether it’s a website, press release or advertisement, you can expect the best with Karam.

Karam Abubaker
Project Manager & Co-Founder

About Salam

Salam has successfully developed and lead growth strategies for local brands in the UAE over the past 8 years. She has a 360° marketing background specializing in creative direction, brand positioning and awareness, customer journey building and sales strategies. Those who know Salam well, will call her a perfectionist, always going the extra mile to deliver high value work. She has a deep passion for creativity and maintains exceptionally high standards when it comes to content creation and effective communication. With any project, Salam uses strategic decision-making with the bigger picture in mind, to deliver the best results. Her current desire is to share her expertise and skills through consulting, helping others achieve their goals.

Salam Bustami
Marketing Manager & Co-Founder

Our Values

Quality Work

We implement a detailed process that includes double-proofreading, extensive quality assurance checks and thorough research to ensure the highest standards for all our projects.

Trusted Relationships

We believe in putting our clients’ interests above our own, maintaining integrity and commitment in all aspects of our work.

Support For All

We want to be accessible to businesses of any size, with fair and transparent pricing options created to fit all budgets.