3 Things We Look At During A Brand Audit


There are many aspects we look at when we audit our clients current brand identity at Lingo, going through all areas that can be improved and building on the brand’s strengths to create a personalized strategy. We look at how successful the brand is at grabbing attention, how well it’s showing value to its target audience, and the customer experience. We go through all touch points from the history of the brand to how it is currently being positioned in the market.

To evaluate your brand’s current positioning and strategy, consider the following three areas:


Brand Communication

Our number one rule at Lingo, is to keep things short and sweet. Your brand’s communication and message is the most important element of your strategy, and it should be simple and clear. We like to ask questions like: how quickly can potential customers understand the services or products offered across digital channels? Are the brands unique selling points or benefits being promoted effectively? Optimizing your communication strategy is key in driving the maximum impact and conversions.


Brand Aesthetic

The first impression of your brand’s image and style is everything in today’s competitive market. High-quality visuals, content and design helps improve your image of professionalism, and builds trust in your business. Making sure you stay consistent across all platforms is key to developing a recognizable brand. This consistency forms the foundation for credibility, recognition, and longevity. It is also important to consider the emotions you want to evoke in your target audience, crafting your unique brand personality through your branding.


Customer Journey

The conversion process, which is the ultimate goal of getting leads or sales, should be an easy journey. We like to take a look at this process from the client or customers view, asking questions like: how easy is it to find clear call to actions? How transparent or clear is the brand with prices or fees? The sales process also must be aligned with the target audiences behavior, meeting their expectatations and needs. This is also linked to location, looking at the Middle East market as an example who often expect quick and easy service.


Building a successful brand requires concious consideration of the needs and desires of your target audience. Experience a consultation at Lingo, Dubai-based creative agency specializing in the Middle East market, where we help businesses delvelop effective strategies through one-on-one workshop sessions.

What We Do

We are a creative agency based in Dubai, dedicated to language services and brand consulting. Lingo helps you get localized, to engage and relate to the Middle East audience better, through multilingual translation services and creative direction.