Can AI Translation Tools Replace Human Translators?


While Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been around for years, recent advances in technology and increased investments to utilize it across industries have caused the hype of AI in 2023. AI technology helps make sense of large amounts of data, using machine learning algorithms to enhance productivity and strategies. Many new platforms to support content creation are emerging, with advanced writing and translation tools more widely available than ever before.


AI vs Human Translators

AI translation and writing tools have become a concern in replacing human copywriters and translators, but AI relies on user-given input which makes it essentially a writing assistant. Human industry expertise, creativity, art and culture are all expressions that cannot be automatically generated.

AI writing tools can enable translators and copywriters to work faster and more efficiently. AI-powered tools are enhancing learning capabilities, for example, being able to upload your personal glossary or communication guidelines. These tools though, are still needed to be utilized and applied by a professional translator to enhance its output.

When it comes to specialized translation decisions like tone and word choice, human translators still have the advantage over AI translation technology. Machines lack the judgment of an experienced translator when attempting to convey a message while maintaining the context and meaning of the original language. Another concern is matching the brand’s guidelines, target audience and style of writing, which is only possible with human copywriting and proofreading. AI translation still has some way to go before it can completely replace human translators in all circumstances.

The depth of language understanding that a human translator can bring to a project is something that AI translation tools lack. The creativity required in translating different dialects, cultures and tones is still a limitation of AI translation tools. Ultimately, humans are still necessary to guarantee the highest degree of accuracy and quality in translation services.


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