Q&A: How Much Does a Translation Agency Charge?

Understanding Translation Agency Pricing

Translation agency charges can vary significantly based on several factors. These factors include the language pair, the complexity of the content, the deadline, content volume, and the level of expertise required. Charges can also depend on the team of linguists a translation agency has on hand, and the language pairs they specialize in. For example, common translated language pairs like English to Arabic can have a lower rate than Russian to Arabic which requires a specific expertise. At Lingo, we took the decision to specialize in Arabic translation services to ensure consistent quality and pricing, for clients targeting the Middle East audience. 


Dubai Translation Agency Rates 

Translation agencies typically offer pricing models based on per-word or per-page translated. Per-word pricing is more common and straightforward, which factors in the time a translator will take to translate and proofread the content. Some agencies don’t include proofreading or formatting in their rates, as it takes extra time impacting the overall cost. It is important to know that agencies that quote a significantly lower market price are likely using machine translations and excluding the proofreading or creative process, providing a more generic translation rather than a tailored experience.

At Lingo, we are transparent with our rates with packages created to work for businesses of all sizes and budgets. Below is how much we charge as a translation agency in Dubai, per word for English to Arabic translation services:


0.40 Up to 5,000 words Up to AED 2,000
0.35 5,000 to 10,000 words AED 1,750 – AED 3,500
0.32 10,000+ Words AED 3,200 – AED 6,400
0.30 20,000+ Words AED 6,000+


What Should a Translation Service Include? 

Professional translation agencies provide a project manager who assigns industry experts and native speakers for each project. Translation services also must include proofreading and editing in the cost, by a quality control specialist. This ensures receiving an accurate and creative translation, aligned with your brands goals and communication guidelines. Quality assurance including flexibility for any revision requests is an important deliverable translation agencies should provide. 


Negotiating Translation Rates

It’s essential to communicate your budget, word count and requirements clearly with translation agencies for the most accurate quote. Some agencies may be willing to negotiate rates based on the volume of work or establish long-term partnerships for discounted rates. The timeframe of your project can also help to negotiate translation rates, if the deadline is flexible needing less agency resources. In all cases, the quality of translations delivered should not be compromised for a lesser rate, for example excluding proofreading or using machine translated services.



In conclusion, the cost of hiring a translation agency depends on various factors, and it’s essential to consider the quality of service alongside the pricing. By understanding the factors that influence translation costs and communicating effectively with the agency, you can ensure a successful and cost-effective translation process. Translation services are essentially an investment, expanding your reach to a wider audience and allowing people to interact with your business in their preferred language. 

What We Do

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