Translation Agency vs. Freelancer: Why You Should Choose the Agency

If you’re exploring using a freelance translator vs a translation agency, there are many aspects to consider whether for a one-off project or ongoing partnership. We’ve listed some key areas where a professional translation agency makes the better choice.

The Consistency & Quality of Work

A big advantage of using a translation agency over a freelancer is the assurance of consistent quality. Translation agencies have established quality control processes where a specialized proofreader reviews and double-checks all the content before it gets sent to the client. Having one freelancer complete a project on their own, especially high word count translations, will be at risk of having some errors. Translation agencies also use translation memory tools for on-going projects, to stay consistent with key terms & communication guidelines for each client.

The Ability to Take on Large Projects

Translation agencies have access to a large team, able to deliver a higher volume of translations per day without comprising on quality or timeliness. Freelancers typically can translate about 2,000-2,500 words efficiently per day, to deliver creative quality work. A freelancer can also be occupied with other clients, and unable to take on multiple project requests on demand. Translation agencies on the other hand are more flexible to take on last minute project requests or tight deadlines.

The Project Management Advantage

When working with a translation agency, clients benefit from dedicated project managers who oversee the entire translation process. From initial assessment, research to final delivery, project managers ensure that everything runs smoothly and that client requirements are met. Translation agencies are also often asked to extract the text from websites, brochures etc. which requires extra time and resources. This level of professional project management is often lacking when working with individual freelancers, who are busy executing the work.

The Diverse Expertise of Translators

Translation agencies often have a diverse team of translators with expertise in various industries and subject matters. This means that regardless of the specialized content that needs to be translated, the agency can assign the most suitable expert to handle the job. From Fashion, technical or medical documents, there’s always a specialized linguist to handle the project at a professional translation agency. A freelancer on the other hand, is likely a true expert in one industry, and wouldn’t be able to take on all kinds of businesses.

The Assurance of Confidentiality and Security

Translation agencies understand the importance of confidentiality and data security. They have strict protocols in place to safeguard the privacy of client information and sensitive documents. With secure file handling procedures, clients can trust that their materials are in safe hands when partnering with a reputable translation agency. A freelancer, who may even be based in another country, may not be secured in complying with the same security protocols.

The Value for Money

“You get what you pay for,” is a great expression when looking at the value you receive from a translation agency vs a freelancer. The main selling point for freelancers can be the cost, but that does not ensure the quality of the translation delivered. With a translation agency, you should be expecting more than a literal translation, but rather a creative adaptation of the original meaning. A freelancer may not have the time to consider the localization, transcreation & SEO impact a translation needs to make the most impact. A great agency also cares about their relationships with clients, working with your budget to build a long-term partnership.


In the realm of finding the best translation services in Dubai, the advantages of engaging a translation agency over hiring a freelance translator are clear. The reliability, consistency, expertise, and project management offered by agencies make them the preferred choice for businesses and individuals with diverse and dynamic translation needs. The peace of mind that comes with knowing your translation requirements are in capable hands is a compelling reason to go for a reputable translation agency.

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