Translation to Consider to Boost Marketing Results


In today’s global market, translating key customer touch points allows your product or service to reach a wider audience. Many businesses fail to address language barriers when promoting their products or services to international consumers, with English not being the majority’s first language.

Taking the local language into account can enhance marketing efforts by establishing deeper connections and relatability with the culture. Here are some key business areas to consider for translation to boost your marketing results:



Your website plays a major role in converting visitors into customers or clients and has the potential to reach a global audience, making it a key area to start with for translation. We recommend analyzing your website’s data to determine which countries and nationalities are visiting your site, allowing you to evaluate your language strategy. It is also beneficial to translate your site into the language of the country where your business is located, as this can have positive effects on local SEO searches and expand your local audience base.


Menus & Brochures

Utilizing translated print or digital materials to highlight your services and products can significantly boost interest with potential customers, ensuring your selling points are understood. Offering multilingual versions of key marketing assets provides a great service experience and connection to your business. This practice also avoids any potential communication gaps, ensuring a seamless journey from start to finish.



In the highly competitive world of e-commerce, translating your site is a valuable strategy to gain a competitive edge. By allowing your target audience to shop in their preferred language, you enhance their user experience by navigating more easily, ultimately increasing sales. It can also help e-commerce businesses gain more trust and credibility when entering a global market, by providing users with an experience tailored to their primary language and culture.


Social Media Content 

The strategic use of translated captions, video subtitles, and digital communications is an excellent way to establish strong connections with a wider audience. By incorporating both English and the local language of your main target market, you can increase engagement and reach on social channels. This approach is a major consideration when looking at the service or retail industry, as it allows potential customers to feel more encouraged to interact with calls to action in their native language.


Customer Service Scripts 

The customer journey is often underestimated in marketing strategies, being a key touch point for conversions and retention. While having customer service representatives who can speak the local language is beneficial, it does not guarantee that the brand guidelines and experience will be met. We highly recommended preparing professionally translated scripts that have been tailored to the local culture and brand guidelines, to ensure the best experience to boost marketing efforts.


Copywriting Ads

Many advertisements rely on basic translations, which often fail to have the desired impact on the audience and local culture. To ensure maximum effectiveness and accuracy, it is important to involve a professional copywriter and translator who can combine their expertise from both worlds. This gives the most attention-grabbing results while still maintaining it’s creative direction.



When translating and localizing your brand, it’s important to prioritize certain key branding elements, such as the logo, missionstatement and brand communication. Effectively conveying your brand values and personality requires a translated guideline, to maintain consistency across target languages and regions.


In summary, translation is an excellent strategy for expansion and boosting marketing results. Hiring a professional translation agency will guarantee human expertise and quality, with maximum impact and accuracy. Get a quote or consultation for your translation project at Lingo today.

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